Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a Few Observations

I was pondering a few of life's little details when these thoughts hit my brain and I thought I would share them with you (you know... both of you people who bother to read this blog):

1. Why do you think that when Goldfinger (of the famous James Bond "Goldfinger" movie) had Jill Masterson killed and her body completely painted gold and left on the bed for James to find, that they did not paint her hair gold? Maybe is it because she was already a blonde. I can almost overlook that fact, but then you notice that Jill is gold EVERYWHERE. Everywhere except for her lovely and perfectly coiffed hair... AND her eyebrows and eyelashes.

Yes, ladies and gents, Jill's face is completely painted, including her lips, but she has very BLACK eyebrows painted perfectly on and long UNreal eyelashes. Kinda makes me want to find the person who was responsible for this faux pas and smack 'em in their noggin.

2. I think the reason the Sham-Wow guy kinda creeps me out is not because he is (a) WAY too skinny or that he has (b) one perpetually lifted eyebrow. It is more because of the permanently attached HUGE microphone attached to his face. I have worked in productions before. I have seen the technology and PEOPLE... there are smaller, less noticeable microphones in the world. Let's invest!

3. I received my textbooks in the mail today. One textbook is a hard cover book that reminds me of a history book from my 8th grade Social Studies class. Very, very odd. But, it has that "new book smell" to it, which makes everything all better again.

Now, I'm just waiting for class to start. Countdown is less than a week away.

4. Those muscles that I worked out with last night are speaking very clearly to me tonight. Okay, they are not really speaking so much as they are SCREAMING at me. It's okay muscles! I hear you loud and clear. You are in pain. You hate me. Get over it and get ready to get back to it tomorrow!

Yes... I took the night off from running/walking because I need to return to work tomorrow and if I pushed it two nights in a row, I would be investing in a sequeway or some other mode of transportation.

5. There is a nice shaded area in the parking lot where I work that EVERYONE wants to park their car in. I used to be one of those people, until my office hours changed. Now, all the good spots are taken. What to do....? Well, I realized that most of those people head out to lunch between 11 and 11:30. So, at about that time, I take a break from my work day and move my car to the shaded parking lot.

Then I laugh manically as I return to my desk to work.

1 comment:

Mary said...

I'm not familiar with the Sham-wow guy but I bet I'd cringe if I saw him.

Never once thought about the Goldfinger black eyebrow and lashes look. Odd...to think that so much time would be taken to make something inconsistent.

I like the parking lot story. It makes me laugh.