Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a Great Dress... but...

I bought this really cool purple tie-dye dress over the weekend. I am planning to wear it to my niece’s rehearsal dinner in July. She tells me I should wear jeans, because she is going to wear jeans. She is going to wear jeans because the groom’s family is bringing in Blue Coast Burrito for the rehearsal dinner.

But, I am going to wear a dress. I can’t wear jeans to the rehearsal dinner. I just can’t. It is not in my make-up to do that. I don’t want her to wear jeans either, but it is her rehearsal and she’s a big girl and she can do what she wants.

Just like me.

Here’s the dress:

And make no mistake... the dress is purple. It is NOT blue. My mother thinks it is blue. My mother has cataracts and SWEARS they do not affect her daily life.

My mother cannot differentiate between colors. It slays me sometimes. To her purple is blue and brown is purple.

At any rate, I am wearing the dress today, because I wanted to make sure I LOVED it as much on as I do on the hanger. I do love it because it is INCREDIBLY comfortable. I doubt that Stacy and whats-his-name from What Not to Wear would like it on me. But I’m okay with that too.

There is only one problem. The dress is made from a silky/smooth material… which is one of the reasons for the comfort level… but my office chair is leather. Which means my booty is sliding all over the office chair. Every time I sit down, I slink a little further than I intended. It is okay to slide my chair BACK from my desk, because my chair has a really tall back and arms. But sliding UP to the desk? That’s another story all together.

If I fall out in the floor, I will laugh hysterically and use it as an excuse to file a worker’s comp claim or something. My attorney bosses will LOVE that!


Louise Reed said...

I soooo know what you mean! We have a leather couch and I have trouble staying in one spot without sliding off! The visual of your battle with your office chair gave me a good chuckle this morning. Glad to have "discovered" your blog.

Requelle said...

Hey, I like that dress! What crazy insane shoes are you wearing with it? And it looks blue to me too if that's any consolation to your mother.