Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kristin's First Bridal Shower!!

My baby's first bridal shower was yesterday. I call her my baby because I don't have any kids of my own... so I adopted my nieces and nephew. Unless they are being bad. Then, I had absolutely nothing to do with them. BUT... when they are on their best behavior... I take all the credit for it. I'm sneaky like that.

Here's my baby when she played dress up bride:

And... here she is now, with her Nana putting on her bridal shower corsage:

She looks happy, doesn't she? She has an unhealthy fear of being stuck by a pin!

We would not have put together such a fine shower/spread without the help of these two beautiful women: Aunt Sisy and my cousin Dawn. They jumped right in the midst of things and cut out heart-shaped sandwiches and arranged fruit, etc. They were mucho fun!!

It was a great day! The only problem was the temperature. It doesn't matter how large your home is... if you have 30 people crammed into a space, the body temp is going to affect your thermostat. If it is in the 90s outside... your AC is going to run CONSTANTLY just to keep the indoors at 80. We broke out a fan to help keep the air flowing, but it was still quite a task! I think the temp in the house finally came down around midnight last night.

But a lovely time was had by all... and Kristin's kitchen is now fully stocked with appliances and cooking utensils. And... some recipes as well. We wanted to give her family recipes she enjoys now as well as some from family members long removed from this world. (Some made as copies from their very own handwriting. Precious)

So... here's to Kristin & David's kitchen! Bon Appetit!

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Mary said...

Looks like a VERY productive shower. Kristin wracked up! I hope she enjoys all that stuff.

I love showers. Gifts, food, pretty makes me happy.