Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That's what friends are for...

So... after having lived with the Klampet kitchen faucet for a couple of weeks, it was time to take action. Specifically, I wanted the faucet fixed BEFORE the bridal shower here on Saturday. My friend Brent has exchanged faucets of various shapes and sizes and therefore I knew he would be up to the task.

I called him on Monday and made arrangements for him to come out on Tuesday night to determine whether this would be beyond his ken. He called back to tell me our mutual friend, Joel, from Michigan was in town and would be coming along to help. Or jibe at him. Or just generally make us laugh out loud... Joel is really good at that.

After perusing the current faucet situation, and determining that they were more than capable to complete this task... we went off to Lowe's to purchase a new, shiny Price Pfister kitchen faucet. We picked Price Pfister because Brent refused to touch a Moen faucet... he being a Price Pfister man, and all! So we return home with the new faucet and without Brent's tools.

Did I mention that the last thing I said to Brent before he left his house was to bring his tools? Well. I did. Did he respond by telling me he would bring his tools? Yes. He did. Did he actually bring his tools? No. He did not. Was this a problem? Yes, it was. Mostly, because I am a girl and I don't have a good tool set.

This will be remedied in the VERY near future, by the way.

As Brent stood around a watched, Joel crawled up under the sink and began removing the faucet hardware. Wait! Wasn't BRENT changing the faucet and Joel there to help? Yes. That's right. But... it takes a village to raise a child and it took the concerted effort of Brent AND Joel (plus a trip to the older brother's house for a vice grip... because there is apparently a HUGE difference between that and a monkey wrench) to remove the most STUBBORN of bolts from under the sink.

Two hours and many drops of sweat (and another run to Lowe's for some sort of tubing, whose purpose truly evades me) the new faucet was in place. Brent and Joel did a fabulous job and my house won't look so hillbilly-ish come Saturday.

Hillbilly-ish. Is that a word? Well, it is now.

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Mary said...

That looks better. My faucet is Moen and it needs to be replaced too. It only drips if I wash too many dishes. It doesn't drip exactly...it just stays on. I can always get it off but it annoys me greatly. It's only around 4 years old too, so I don't think I'd replace it with a Moen.