Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Thoughts...

1. Why does morning rush hour traffic irritate the smack out of me, but afternoon traffic is not that big a deal? My mood getting out of the car first thing in the morning is most likely directly related to the amount of time it took me to get to work.

2. I passed a man who worked for a landscape company as he was sitting on one of those large commercial-type lawnmowers. It was raining. But, he was wearing a garbage bag over his shoulders. JUST covering his shoulders. It reminded me of my baby brother when he tied a bath towel around his neck and ran through the house acting like Superman. Or Batman. The gentleman on the mower was completely drenched. Except for his shoulders. Those were, apparently, nice and dry.

3. I'm officially a junior in college. However, at this rate, I will be graduating about the same time that I am eligible for Social Security.

4. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, there is a song in my head. Actually, most days when I wake up in the morning, there is a song in my head. The problem is the song is never the same and completely runs the entire spectrum of music that is out there in the galaxy. Everything from old hymns or praise choruses, to full-out symphonic pieces or Broadway show tunes. There is no rhyme or reason. One day last week, the music from "The Music Man" stayed in my head so long, I was forced to come home and watch the DVD. Twice. It did the trick and I don't have that music in my head. Now, it is "Oklahoma" with the wind sweeping down the plain, and all that.

5. Here's a bit of advice for those people planning to make a video/DVD tape of your most intimate moments. SOMEONE, Somewhere is going to find that footage and happily post it on the internet. They will probably make a lot of money off of it too. So, stop being sooooo surprised, Hollywood, when your private moments are made public. I'm just sayin'....

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Mary said...

Regarding Random Thought number 4: my friend Christy in Florida has the same issue. She decided a while back to start writing down the song title that played that morning at the bottom of her blog. We gave suggestions and she ended up calling it her "Wake-Up Playlist." Like you it is a very odd assortment of musical pieces that traverse through her mind each day. Check her out. www.messandhappiness.blogspot.com Oh, she's also the one that introduced me to The Pioneer Woman.