Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taming of the Shrew

Last night Brent, Heidi and I met up at Centennial Park in Nashville for the 22nd Annual Shakespeare in the Park. This year, there are two different performances. The first was Taming of the Shrew and was performed by an apprentice troupe. They did a very fine job.

Everybody just shows up and brings their own chairs, or blankets and picnic baskets, etc. They have some concessions there, but it is just easier to lug everything in from your own kitchen. Some people bring enough to share with their neighbors. That's typically what we do... although we decided at the last minute to make this show. We didn't go all out as we usually do. Still, it is a nice sense of community. Just hangin' with a few hundred of the closest friends you've never met!

These are Brent's feet. I took pictures of both Brent and Heidi, but they made me swear an oath and sign my name in blood that I would not print them ANYwhere. Since I work for an attorney, I didn't want to mess with the legal hassels they would no doubt inflict upon me.

I didn't say I wouldn't post a picture of Brent's feet.

I am not exactly sure this was the context that Ole Will had in mind when he penned his works lo those many, many moons ago. Then again, I doubt tye-dye had been invented then. I love tye-dye. I don't think I'm spelling it correctly. But I love it nonetheless.

That was one confident actor who could perform Shakespeare in bright yellow spandex with hot pink hair.

Heidi and I loved it. We laughed and clapped and thought he was great.

Brent... not so much.

This was intermission. I took this picture so you could understand how many people were there to enjoy the show. And, enjoy it they did. We sat behind the man who started Shakespeare in the Park 22 years ago. He loved that we have been to more than 10 performances over the years. He thought we were so cool. We thought he was so cool because he came up with the idea in the first place.

If it weren't for him... these guys would never have taken a bow before hundreds of people last night.

And speaking of cool... the weather last night was PERFECTION for an outdoor theatrical event. There was very little humidity and the temps were in the low 70s, high 60s. Wonderful. All of our friends who didn't come (you know who you are) really missed a great evening out.

But don't fret. Next weekend through Sept 13 the real Shakespeare troupe will be doing a 3-man show entitled the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). I can hardly wait. I will try to let people know when that excursion will be.

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Mary said...

Sounds wonderful! I've been to a couple. kids puts a little bit of a damper on events like that of course. I'll be able to leave them by themselves one of these years and we'll go again...picnic basket in hand.

We did go to the Wilson County Fair yesterday and the weather was perfect for that too!