Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I drink... ergo I pee.

My friends are constantly amazed at my ability to “hold it” for hours at a time. I believe this trait arose from many long-distance trips while my father served in the Air Force. My father was not one to pull over for a small child’s bladder to empty. I developed “holding it” patterns for years. Therefore, I typically go three times a day. Yes. I know. I’m a freak. Get over it.

However, with the pending nuptials of my eldest niece and her beloved, I realized that I really, REEEELLY need to lose some weight. I drink far too many soft drinks and not nearly enough water. So, I am intentionally drinking more water. Because the tap water in our office tastes a little funky, I come in with a large container of water from my house. (NOTE: I am not spending thousands of dollars on bottled water. There’s just no need)

So, every day I am now ingesting 64 ounces of water. Sixty. Four. Ounces.

And even my bladder cannot contain that amount of liquid and “hold it”. This, of course, means now I’m racing to the bathroom every other hour. Seriously. I am going to have chapped hands from all the washing at the sink.

SIDENOTE: Ladies…. What is it about us/you that leaves drops of water EVERYWHERE in the Ladies’ Room? There are water drops all over the counter and on the floor. Do you wash your hands and then just FLING them dry? A little consideration. Please.

So… I drink, ergo I pee. I figure the racing back and forth should be my cardio for the day as well.


selynchphoto said...

You asked if I photoshop and yes I do.
i usually do basic editing techniques, but I am also a professional portrait editor and work editing portraits.
How is your friend that works with my dad? :)
How'd you hear about my blog?

selynchphoto said...

Awh, that's great! I love Q! Well hey, I'm no expert but if you ever have any questions I'd be happy to try to answer them!! What kind of camera did you get? I'm hopeing to get a new one soon myself!

selynchphoto said...

I totally understand! I recommend just shooting- a lot! And trying out lots of difference settings until you find what you like. I usually shoot ISO 200 or 400 with a really really short focal length then I just adjust the shutter appropriately. If it gets too slow I like to change the ISO instead of the aperature, because I love that tight focus look. But that's just me, lol, like I said- try everything! :D As for photoshop, I'd recommend getting Photoshop Elements for now, it's cheap and it's got the basics. It's enough for anyone who's not going to be using it professionally. :)

Mary said...

I like to grab a few paper towels and wipe off the sink when there are a lot of women in the restroom. My goal is to make them feel guilty. If I'm the only one there I don't bother. It's all a show. :)